Hi 22. I’m old folks

My life is an absolute wreck right now

Thought dump.

Okay so my life is rather complicated right now. Surprise surprise! I’ve even single for a while and everyone knows this is the “hook up generation” so there have been a few people in my life since I’ve been single. Currently, I’m having issues with two of them and I don’t know where to go with it. Naturally their both named Chris because I can’t do anything simply….Chris #1 I met about a year ago and we haven’t been able to let go of each other since. He lives relatively far away so I rarely see him but we talk all the time and are complicated to say the least. I love the kid but I know it wouldn’t work but I also have no interest in walking away. I saw him yesterday and Tuesday on my way to and from court(CHARGES DROPPED). It had been months since I has seen him….seeing him again was amazing. I really didn’t expect it but it was. Who knows when I’ll see him again but it was worth it for sure.
Other Chris has been around casually for about 5 months but I’m just fucking annoyed with it. There is so little effort anymore on his part and he’s completely unwilling to talk about anything. I get that his life is extremely busy but don’t expect me to be sitting around waiting for attention like wtf. I really enjoy what we have but lately it’s been awful. He doesn’t understand what’s wrong when I try to talk about it so idk. I’m ready to walk away but I know he isn’t.

UGH. I’m so annoyed because I know if someone came along that I could see myself actually dating, I wouldn’t want to let go of #1 more than #2 but still both. Fuck dating. Fuck fuck fuck dating